A door-to-door saleswoman caught up in the tornado of her boss’s cultish personality unleashes a storm of violence when she realizes that she and her customers have been duped — not only by him and his doctrine of “Flip the Switch!” but by the whole system of Disaster Capitalism.


GRETL CLAGGETT is a writer and director committed to creating singular stories that reflect current dilemmas but are timeless — stories that entertain and catalyze conversations that can transform cultures.

Gretl’s first film Happy Hour — narrated by Julianne Moore — is based on true events and a poem from her book, Monsoon Solo: Voices Once Submerged. The film screened as an official selection at 18 festivals, winning several awards and honors, garnering praise from Oscar-winning Writer/Director Robert Benton: “Happy Hour is a lush, elegiac film about an extremely difficult subject and Ms. Claggett handles it masterfully.”

Happy Hour is now available on iTunes and Amazon in association with a nonprofit campaign. All proceeds go to a small group of nonprofits whose focus is treating and preventing sexual abuse and promoting healthy relationships.

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Gretl’s second film, STORMCHASER — a 28-minute short/pilot/proof-of-concept — is a nuanced satire that allegorizes this era in “Merica”: Global Warming, Disaster Capitalism, Trump, #MeToo, A Shrinking Middle Class and Country Divided. The film is playing the worldwide festival circuit as a short film and long-form pilot, winning multiple Best Directing, Best Film/Pilot, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best VFX and Best Acting/Best Ensemble Cast Awards. STORMCHASER was the first indie production to shoot on Sony Venice CineAlta cameras with Sigma Cine lenses. Company 3 — who color-graded the 4K version — is sponsoring a High Dynamic Range (HDR) finish to the film.

Gretl decided to re-create this story to play at film festivals with shorter running-time restrictions — making a 15-minute film, FLIP THE SWITCH, with its own distinct structure, pacing, character and story arcs. This film is now also playing the festival circuit.

Another passion of Gretl’s is pioneering the use of innovative technologies to shape stories that engage and inspire audiences. She wrote and directed Sony’s first-ever 4K 360° cinematic music video, which premiered at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show and was featured in Sony’s activation at SXSW. She leads creative on high-profile events, such as Entertainment Weekly’s inaugural festival, PopFest, in Downtown LA, and IBM’s Amplify Conference on Watson Cognitive Marketing in Las Vegas. One of her specialties is merging live performance with state-of-the-art multimedia. “Cognitive in Motion,” IBM Amplify’s opening experience — which she conceptualized, wrote, directed and produced, incorporating ‘pop & lock’ dancers, Notch (real-time generated art) and IBM cognitive data visualizations — won two top Telly Awards. 

At the start of 2020, Gretl directed 3 episodes of a comedic digital series, which is now in post-production. She’s currently writing/developing a memoir manuscript, plus feature-length and long-form narrative projects.